"The Be Smart Land Audit platform is an excellent resource for compiling an in-depth analysis of property for our investors and clients. The system quickly identifies wetland, pollution and species characteristics that are invaluable for making sound decisions. We highly recommend this platform to any land professional out there."

Sage N. Andress, ALC, CCIM Sage N. Andress, ALC, CCIM

"If you are not using besmartlandaudit.com you are making a big mistake. I specialize in selling vacant land in Charlotte County. We sell 100s of lots each year. Most Realtors are not willing to sell vacant land as you have to have a vast education and or knowledge on the issues that can arise from buying and or selling vacant land. This site offers updated factual information in regards to the issues that could arise in buying and or selling land. The only thing I can say negative about this site: ``It could potentially take my job away as a Real Estate Broker.`` With this site, you may not need a Real Estate professional."

Jeremy T Jones Owner/Broker - Tall Pines Realty

"Besmartlandaudit.com provides a valuable and more importantly time saving source for my land development and brokerage business. It is a single source of information that is vital to understanding certain issues that are critical to the acquisition and development of land in Florida. Further, the site is user friendly and has allowed me to quickly respond to clients inquiries. It is an important tool that I use on a daily basis."

John Smith Broker