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Wetlands (Water Management District)

These are generally clusters of cabbage palms and/or oak trees forming an over story. The tree canopy must become dense […]

Hydric Soils (NRCS)

This is one of three wetland layers in the database. This layer shows potential wetlands indicated by the presence of […]

Gypsum Stacks

Gypsum is formed as a by-product in the production of fertilizer. It’s stored indefinitely because of its weak radioactivity. The […]

Ground Water Contamination (FDEP)

In the past many chemicals and toxic substances have been created, used and discarded without thinking about the contamination they […]

Gopher Tortoise (Cape Coral)

The presence of the gopher tortoises in most counties is mitigated through permitting and relocation by an authorized agent. However, some […]

Florida Bonneted Bat

The regulatory requirements and mitigation procedures for this species of bat is fairly new. There has not been enough successful […]

FEMA-FIRM 100 year Floodplain

100 year flood plain FEMA:Development in the 100-year floodplain poses several impediments to development whether it is increased insurance rates […]

Facility Registration System (EPA)

The Facility Registry Services (FRS) is a centrally managed database that identifies facilities, sites or places subject to environmental regulations […]

ERP Permits Water management districts

This layer displays Environmental Resource Permits (ERP’s) issued from one of the water management districts in Florida. These permits address […]

ERP Permit Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Environmental Resource Permits from Department of Environmental Protection Agency are for impacts as stated above but for different uses such […]